Payment Processing for Your Small Business

Pay Tech Plus

Get more value out of our payment processing solution with dedicated support and competitive rates.

A Decade in FinTech Taught Me This…

You know that payment processing company you use? They’re probably screwing you over.

They run their business like a sales department. Customer service and retention are secondary thoughts. That’s why they’ve got a call center full of sales reps working on commission and only a handful of customer support associates.

They’re all about selling more accounts than they lose each month and upgrading current accounts to more expensive services. They also hide hidden junk fees and predatory rate hikes in their overly complicated contracts filled with legal jargon guaranteed to solve the worse cases of insomnia.

And while they may offer you a great introductory rate, just wait a few months. Your rates will jump and your termination fee will be so outrageous you’ll give up and just learn to live with it until you can switch processors.

That’s why I launched PayTech Plus.

Advocating for Your Small Business

My name is Trey Rush and I know how difficult it canbe to run a small business. After all, you’re talking to the CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO and Janitor of PayTech Plus all rolled into one.

But once upon a time, I worked for one of those big payment processing companies and realized there was a better way to help small businesses capture more sales without losing part of my soul in the process.

PayTech Plus is a payment processor broker that finds the right solution for your business and offers concierge-level customer support so you never have to figure it out alone.

‘Good enough’ has never been good enough for me.Because at the end of the day, it’s all about helping you grow your business.

Community Involvement

As a small business owner, I’m proud to be part of these organizations supporting local business.

Get More Out of Your Payment Processing Solution

With PayTech Plus, you get a payment partner thatcares about your business success, offering a bettercustomer support experience at competitive rates.

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