Don’t Let Hidden Fees Eat into Your Profits

Simplified Payment Processing
Personalized for Your Small Business

If your card processing fees are a mystery each month, it’s time to call
PayTech Plus

Grow Your Business Without Complex Contracts

With paper cash only accounting for about 20% of consumer payments, the ability to accept credit and debit cards for payment has never been more critical to the success of your business.

That usually means working with the big payment processing companies and everything you hate about merchant services.

  • Complicated Contracts
  • Hidden Fees
  • High Rates

And subpar customer support that’s more concerned with selling you something than actually helping you with a problem.

But imagine if you had a payment processing solution that puts you and your business first.

Experience a Personalized Payment Solution

Hi. I’m Trey Rush and as a broker with over 10 years’experience in financial technology, I launched PayTech Plus with one goal…
Provide payment processing that fits your unique business needs while providing concierge-level customer support.
It’s a stress-free service with competitive rates, a neasy-to-understand contract and dedicated customer support that’s available when you need it.

That means you’ll never have to figure it out alone.

Keep More of Your Money with PayTech Plus

At PayTech Plus, we focus on building partnerships, not making sales. It’s about making your business the priority with the best processing solutions, pricing structures, and personalized customer service..

Online Payment Processing

Complete sales through digital invoices or over the phone.

In-Person Card Payments

Never miss another sale and save money on fees.

Merchant Capital Advance

Get the funding you need without tricky bank loans.

Testimonials & Reviews

A Dependable Payment Processing Solution for Small Business

Keep more of your money and get the personalized customer support you need to make your customer sales experience simple, consistent and hassle-free.
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